Legal Compliance: ANY aerial drone photo or video that is used for ANY type of business purpose MUST be captured by a FAA CERTIFIED pt107 drone pilot. (Federal Fines over $5000)

Aerial Photos and Videos

Catch their eye… Create intrigue… Schedule a showing!

Can you sell houses faster with drone footage?

ABSOLUTELY! According to the multiple listing service (MLS), homes and properties with drone images are up to 68% more likely to sell than those without them. Aerial photos allow buyers to get a better understanding of what the property looks like, its dimensions, and the surrounding area.

AERO•FOOTAGE provides you with premier HD aerial photography and videography with STYLE that will give your listings a HUGE ADVANTAGE over traditional photo methods.

Residential Real Estate Aerial Photo and Video Packages

Don’t see a fit? Let’s get together and create a custom package for you.

(Your flight will be scheduled as soon as possible. The FAA has strict rules regarding weather conditions. Your flight may be delayed because of weather.)